Status report on direct bank transfers

Two weeks ago, the participatory financing on KissKissBankBank ended, and as the stated goal of collecting € 300 000 was not reached, the donations were reimbursed through the bank card used by each donor. We then called to transfer directly the amount of donations to the bank account of the Fund of support to the initiatives and structures of social solidarity in Greece.

As we write, we have been notified of bank transfers representing close to € 45 000 that is 38% of the amount collected on KissKissBankBank. This sum includes a significant support originating in the Interdemos group itself. Many donors on KissKissBankBank have not yet been able to check that they have been reimbursed. Others may have been deterred by the bank transfer procedure, even though we have been able to help everyone who contacted us because of a difficulty with the transfer to overcome it. We trust that with a continued effort of rallying the community that the first phase helped to constitute, it will be possible to come close to or even increase the amount collected in the first phase. Some people have increased their donation and other people did a bank transfer while they had not contributed on KissKissBankBank. It you are in contact with original donors or with people committed to the concrete solidarity with Greece and to reopening the European future, please encourage them to make a bank transfer.

In early May, we will send again an email to all KKBB donors to incite them to make a bank transfer. Until then, the campaign will proceed only through the @interdemos twitter account, this blog… and each of you. In parallel we will publish news about the situation in Greece (two of us will go to Greece this week).

Instructions for your donations to reach the Solidarity fund

The campaign on KissKissBankBank has not reached its target of € 300,000, but it has triggered an extraordinary engagement: more than 1400 donations and more until the last minute, hundreds of messages and comments of support, a campaign inspired from ours in the US and donors from many other European countries: Portugal, Spain, Gremany, Great-Britain, Belgium and Switzerland.

An essential step remains to be accomplised so that, despite the failure to reach the posted objective, your donations will actually reach their intended recipient : the Fund of support to initiatives and structures of social solidarity in Greece. At the close of the campagn (this afternoon April 4th, 2:47pm), your contributions will be reimbursed on the same credit card you used to make them. If you can follow you credit card accounts on-line, you will see the reimbursement appearing soon. If not you will see it only on the next summary sent to you.

In order to turn the solidarity objective of the campaign into a reality, we ask you transfer by international bank transfer the amount of your donation to Fund of support to initiatives and structures of social solidarity. In all cases, international bank transfers are free of charge in the euro zone. Check the cost of transfer from the UK.

Here is the information needed to make the transfer :

Address of recipient : 74, AKADIMIAS str., 106 78 ATHENS
IBAN : GR59 0110 0400 0000 0404 8343 562
The following is normally not needed, but in case it is required by your bank :
Address of the recipient’s bank branch : NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE, 86, AIOLOU str., 102 32 ATHENS, TEL. 210-3342262, CODE NUMBER OF THE BRANCH 40

DO NOT FORGET to put INTERDEMOS DONATION in the Communication field of the bank
et, une fois le virement fait merci de nous en prévenir par email à contact [AT] interdemos [DOT] net with subject “Virement” and indicating the amount transferred.
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