International call from Solidarity for All


We cannot say NO to our future.

We say NO to those who destroy our lives.

This appeal finds many of you already in mobilization supporting the resistance of Greek people. Five-year long struggles against the TROIKA and austerity culminate in a defiant NO to the blackmails of the financial elites and their political servants.

All of you understand the critical state Greek people face and that now is the time to take sides. Referendums do not acknowledge grey areas, but demand decisive actions and determination to win. More so when all of you understand that the next day, Greece will not be the same country with the same people. Neither will Europe.

This is why now is the time to act. Now is the time to decide about our future, about what kind of Europe do we want, about what kind of Greece do we want.

on July 5th it is us that talk

Your mobilization is the only way to counter the fear and deception campaigns launched by European elites and corporate media, and the asphyxiation that undemocratic neo-liberal extremist “institutions” impose on the Greek people, on the EU periphery and on the global South. And we know that the more the fear changes sides, the more dangerous they become and the more united we shall be.

The grassroots solidarity movement, on hearing the news of the referendum, mobilized immediately throwing all its forces into the NO campaign. We attach the call of many dozens solidarity structures towards the Greek people and the poster of the solidarity movement’s NO campaign, which we ask you to disseminate.

Furthermore we ask you to help us internationalize the Greek referendum by:

a. disseminating and taking part in the international ballot for NO. Vote here

b. spreading and updating the news about solidarity actions you organize or are held in your city, region, country in et

c. organizing solidarity actions in support of OXI (ochi=NO) during this crucial week, culminating in an international action day for NO, next Friday, July 3rd.

However, as solidarity movement we already prepare for the day after. Whatever the result we will be on the front line. Either to counter the effect of YES, that would make the current humanitarian crisis seem like a scratch, or to meet the demands of NO for building a different society and economy with the participation of the people. Therefore we need, from now on, your solidarity to be concrete and material.

We want to thank you for your solidarity throughout these years, which has been decisive in our ability to endure and fight back our common enemies.

We are sure that now more than ever you will do your best to win this struggle, spread the hope and build another world together, from all, by all, for all.

Solidarity for All

Monday June 29, Athens