Interdemos in a nutshell

Interdemos is a non-profit association hose aim is to contribute to the development of a European demos. Interdemos was founded by a small group of individuals engaged in popular education, citizen activism and creative writing or art.

In the coming months, Interdemos will relay local actions and projects that contribute to the political agency of citizens, build new societal institutions and equip them with new language and narratives. After several chaotic votes in European countries, and beyond the despondency that resulted from the negation by the European institutions of the democratic choices of the Greek people, it is time to resume our work, even at a modest scale, to contribute to the development of a European civic community.


Interdemos was launched when, a few days after the election of new government in Greece, it became evident that the European institutions and states would do anything they could to destroy the perspective of a major political reorientation, and that, in the absence of solidarity from the other European peoples, they would succeed. Initially, we focused on collecting funds (in France and other Western European countries) to support the grassroot solidarity structures that are the ground on which the new political movements emerged in Greece.

Faced with the destruction of social rights, with a mounstous treatment of refugees and immigrants, with the development of securitarian policies exploiting the emotion created by the terrorist attacks in various countries to harm more and more the fundamental rights of all, with the deeepening of all crises (social, ecological, economic, cultural, human) and the stubborn ignorance of the post-demogratic oligarchies in Europe in face of these crises, we found ourselves mobilised on multiple fronts: solidarity with migrants, struggle against the emergency State and its becoming perennial, insane continuation of support to suicidal energitical and production models. Movements are born in many European countries (Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Germany, Greece still even if media no longer report it and now the Nuit Debout movement in France.

In this new context, Interdemos keeps bringing forward the project of a European demos, fosters exchanges between the movements in various European countries and will work on becoming an entry point into the fascinating and complex debates that emerge around these movements.