Support to solidarity actions

Whether you participated or not to the original campaign launched by Interdemos, you can support solidarity and human development actions in Greece at any time by making a bank transfer to the account of the Fund of Support to Initiatives and Structures of Solidarity which collects funds for Solidarity for All the organization that federates and supports hundreds of local and thematic initiatives. When the pressure of the creditors of the illegimate debt is stronger than ever and risks leading to a crisis of liquidity, this support is one of the components of the needed political solidarity with Greece. Here is the information needed for making a bank transfer either at a bank branch or on Internet:

Addresss of recipient: 74, AKADIMIAS str., 106 78 ATHENS
IBAN: GR59 0110 0400 0000 0404 8343 562
In principle not needed but in case:
Address of bank branch: NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE, 86,
AIOLOU str., 102 32 ATHENS, TEL. 210-3342262, CODE NUMBER OF THE BRANCH 40

Do not forget to state DON INTERDEMOS in the communication field.

and when the transfer is done, please let us know by email at
contact [AT] interdemos [DOT] net
with subject « Bank transfer » indicating the amount of transfer. This will make possible to monitor the total amount of support and check that transfers are correctly registered by the Fund.

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    • As you may have seen on our site, after larger actions in 2015 to provide funds to Solidarity For All which then acted to federate solidarity structures in Greece, we know focus on smaller actions to support individual structures and projects (still in Greece).

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