The lessons of the Greek referendum

Philippe Aigrain, one of the founders of Interdemos, published today an op-ed in Eutopia – Ideas for Europe on the lessons of the Greek referendum and what is at stake today and this week.


Over the last nine days, no effort was spared to try to sow fear and doubt in the minds of Greek voters, and even more to misrepresent events to citizens in other EU countries.

Day after day, international media claimed against all evidence that the referendum was about staying in the Eurozone or leaving


  • The Greek people brought the NO vote to win in the referendum by its own independance of mind and ability to overcome fear
  • In most EU countries, there is no convincing perspective of progressive alternatives to the existing dominant political forces
  • European citizens of all EU countries should understand that it is our destiny and our political future that is at stake

The decision of the ECB to refuse to raise the level of support to banks during the brief campaign period for the referendum was a clear political revenge, contrasting with the unlimited support that was given to German and French banks to limit their exposure to the consequences of the crisis since 2009.

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